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Checkmat Phoenix is your place for a holistic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience in a safe, welcoming environment. We’re a family unified by a passion for Jiu Jitsu. Our academy is built of competitors and hobbyists of all ages. Jiu Jitsu classes are for everyone and can be a tool for any goal you wish. It doesn’t just make you stronger, it improves your entire lifestyle. Join the best BJJ classes in Phoenix at Checkmat Phoenix and start experiencing the benefits yourself!

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About Us:

Martial arts training is a complete package of self-improvement for mind and body. You’ll notice many physical improvements thanks to the workout provided by Jiu Jitsu classes. But there’s no reason to be intimidated by grappling because it doesn’t rely solely on strength. Jiu Jitsu is about leverage and problem-solving. Even if you struggle, Checkmat Phoenix takes time to offer personal help and instill resilience.

Checkmat Phoenix’s team of instructors is made entirely of black belts that are devoted to our students. We take individualized approaches to training, so competitive champions or casual martial artists can develop their skills. Regardless of your goal, we work to build a strong foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. People of all ages, genders and walks of life will be well-equipped with self-defense skills to protect themselves. You’ll discover a more peaceful life after taking Checkmat Phoenix Jiu Jitsu classes.

Our History:

Karen Antunes established Checkmat Phoenix in 2019 to share Jiu Jitsu with the community. It was a chance to gain freedom from other academies and work independently. Now associated with the Checkmat Association, Karen strives to teach Jiu Jitsu to as many people as possible and share its benefits.

The Checkmat Association strives to share a healthier lifestyle through teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes. A passion to create a BJJ team has grown into an international affiliation with over 200 schools. Our core values of family, positivity, and excellence has created a worldwide family of martial artists since 2008.


Why It's Important

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Similar to life, Jiu Jitsu has its ups and downs. In the end it’ll teach you how to endure hardships and overcome obstacles.

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You’ll be empowered by your growth and success. The improvement you’ll undergo in training will influence all aspects of your life.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu builds a foundation of self-defense that allows you to take on life with peace of mind.

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We keep our academy free of drama and ego. Our students have a strong character and moral compass.

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You’ll meet martial artists just like you at Checkmat Phoenix! You’ll build new relationships thanks to your shared interest.


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1636 W Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85015

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